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Update: Revised Ruling Allows Forfeiture Balances to be Used for Safe Harbor Contributions
February 14, 2017

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Company Profile

July Business Services is a national retirement plan services firm providing independent, high quality services and solutions to investment advisors, employers, and plan participants. Our strength derives from many years of hands-on experience and from our customer-first approach to helping our clients meet their goals. We believe that through the basics of honesty, loyalty, integrity, and the building-up of others, we will create long-term partnerships.

Our clients range from small closely held businesses to corporations that compete strongly in the global economy. Our clients stay with us because they know we offer efficient, friendly service and a depth of knowledge that comes from decades of service to the industry.

Founding Partners

July Headquarters

Jim Hudson began specializing in the highly technical field of retirement plans as a Certified Public Accountant in the early 1980s. He developed and managed a large retirement-plan practice before founding JULY in 1994. Jim is president and CEO of July Business Services.

John Humphrey co-founded JULY with Jim in 1994. He is a Certified Public Accountant with a background in tax consulting and management information systems. John is July's Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

Getting Started

In 1994, JULY started in a small office suite with a short client list. We worked hard in those early years to hire key employees, create business processes, and develop strategic business partnerships that would give us lasting business relationships.

Our firm's marketing efforts led to important referral relationships, including investment advisors, mutual fund companies, banks, and brokerage firms. We grew modestly during the first years. By the end of 1996, our firm had more than 250 retirement plan clients and 5 employees.

In 1996 we hired Blake Willis who is now a JULY partner and our Chief Consulting Officer. Blake is also a Certified Public Accountant and Magna Cum Laude graduate of Baylor University.

Building Our Team

By 2000, our growth rate increased, and by the end of 2000 we served more than 600 clients with 15 employees. Between 2000 and 2010, we accomplished these key objectives:

  • Developed Foundation for Employee Culture
  • Improved Efficiency of Service Delivery
  • Implemented Various Functional Teams to Support Growth
  • Added and Developed Key Employees
  • Improved our Marketing and Sales Efforts
  • Added Dedicated Sales Department
  • Opened Dallas and Chicago Sales Offices
  • Started Payroll Outsourcing

Also during this period we formed key financial partnerships with companies that provide diversified investment options and automated plan recordkeeping services including John Hancock, ING, American Funds, Hartford, Mid-Atlantic Trust Company, and others.

Recent History: Expanding Services

In the last few years JULY has continued to grow and add resources to improve service delivery to our clients. Below are some of our accomplishments over the past five years:

  • Moved into new office facilities to give us room to grow
  • Expanded our employee Training and Certification program
  • Developed an international presence to give us deeper access to human resources
  • Built a software development team
  • Implemented a strategic planning process to improve long term focus
  • Received our CEFEX Certification as a recordkeeper and TPA

We also added to our key financial partnerships by establishing relationships with firms like Transamerica, MG Trust Company (Matrix), Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade, and RolloverSystems.

Planning Our Future

At JULY, we are proud of our heritage, but we are also clearly focused on the future.  Our Vision and Strategic Plan include doubling our firm's size over the next 5 years, improving our service delivery, technology, and infrastructure, releasing innovative products and services, and expanding our geographic footprint.  We aim to be the best service provider in the country as we help create retirement security for our clients and their employees.

Employees / Participants
We can help your employees understand how to develop a plan to reach their retirement goals.
We can help you start a new retirement plan or update your current plan to the latest options.
Investment Advisors
JULY delivers creative and unbiased retirement services to consultants and advisors.
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