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Update: Revised Ruling Allows Forfeiture Balances to be Used for Safe Harbor Contributions
February 14, 2017

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Message from Jim Hudson, President and CEO

At JULY, our mission and our passion is to build retirement security for our clients and their participants. We do this within the framework of a well-crafted strategic plan, supported by a strong set of guiding principles, by recruiting and developing a high-performing team, and by aligning ourselves with top providers.

Well-Crafted Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan charts our future and keeps us on course. It serves as a roadmap for innovation and product enhancement, process improvement, and employee development. The JULY Senior Leadership Team meets regularly to develop and work out our plan and to ensure our team is aligned with and focused on our most urgent priorities. Below are the five strategic objectives that serve as a framework for our plan.

  • Create a High Performance Culture
  • Grow High Value Client Relationships
  • Increase Financial Performance
  • Improve Operating Quality and Efficiency
  • Accelerate Product and Service Innovation

Strong Guiding Principles

We understand the importance of exhibiting the behaviors required to achieve our plan. We work out our plan utilizing the following Core Values that serve as guiding principles for our team.

    • Be Innovative
    • Take Initiative
    • Honor Commitments
    • Put Others First
    • Deliver WOW Service
    • Act with Integrity
    • Build a Strong Team and Family Spirit
    • Actively Listen
    • Be Passionate and Determined

A High-Performing Team

Our human resources practices are of utmost importance to fulfilling our mission and to delivering WOW service to our clients. We search for employees whose talents and skillsets match up to the needs of specific jobs and that will support our Core Values. Our employee recruitment processes are designed to ensure we acquire top talent, and our employee development processes help to build and retain it. By focusing on our employees and their success, we create a high performing team that is an important key to serving clients and fulfilling our mission.

Quality Strategic Partners

Finally, we align ourselves with top providers who support our Core Values and that bring value to our client relationships. We believe in the importance of building strong business partnerships with our providers that is built on collaboration, open communication, and trust.

There is nothing we would like more than to help you create retirement security for your company and your employees. The JULY team is ready to earn your business.


Jim Hudson, President and CEO


Employees / Participants
We can help your employees understand how to develop a plan to reach their retirement goals.
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