Payroll Tax Services

MPAY’s Payroll Service provides payroll processing and much more. It’s an easy-to-use, web-based payroll software that calculates, deposits, and files your payroll taxes for you. But also it’s a convenient payroll tax administrator, with complete and secure tax compliance services. See a list of our tax services below.

  • Federal Tax Withholding - We calculate all federal payroll taxes each pay period, then we electronically transfer these from your bank account and remit them to the IRS on the appropriate date. You receive reports each pay period providing details of federal tax withholding.
  • Federal Tax Returns - We also file all quarterly and annual federal tax returns (Form 940 and 941) on your behalf and send you copies of these returns for your records.
  • State and Local Taxes - Our tax management service includes withholding and tax-return filing for state income taxes, state unemployment, and local taxes.
  • Avoid Costly Penalties - We take responsibility for the accuracy and timeliness of all payroll tax payments and filings, which helps you avoid costly payroll tax penalties that plague many employers each year. Research indicates four out of 10 employers pay an average payroll tax penalty of $845 per year.
  • Year-End Reporting - We handle all of your annual payroll reporting. At year-end we prepare all payroll reports, including employee W-2 and 1099 Forms, Form 1096, and Form W-3


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