Product Independence

Independence is one of JULY’s founding principles. We believe this helps us serve you best.
Independence is evident in our approach to plan design, retirement platform selection, and the opportunity to present a wide array of investment choices. It’s even reflected in our company name JULY: the month we celebrate our independence.  Our approach benefits you in a number of ways, including:

Customized Plan Design

We offer you choice in designing your plan because we know plan design plays a key role in meeting your objectives.   Our plan consultants are trained and experienced at designing the perfect plan for your company.  While some firms are concerned with “gathering assets”, JULY is concerned with meeting your objectives.

Choice in Retirement Platforms

We offer you and your investment advisor choice in selection of retirement platforms.   We partner with some of the top recordkeeping platforms in the marketplace, and we also offer our own open platform to allow you even more customization.    This gives us the options to assist you in matching up a platform that will best meet the unique needs of your company and workforce.  See a list of our partners to the right for an example of platform choices.

Unbiased Investment Strategies

If you choose the JULY Retirement Platform, we offer you and your advisor access to an open investment lineup.  This gives your advisor the ability to build a unique investment lineup from over 20,000 mutual funds, ETFs and other low-cost investment strategies, target-date funds, model portfolios, and other investment strategies.   Unlike some providers, JULY credits any revenue sharing we receive from the mutual funds back to the plan to lower costs and keep us in a position of independence.

Below are samples of fund families represented on the JULY open platform.


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