Customized Service Delivery

With JULY, you receive customized services to better meet your goals and objectives.  This is reflected in our approach to plan design, platform and investment option choices, and  how we deliver service. 

Custom Plan Design

The JULY team will customize your plan to meet your specific objectives.  Our team has deep experience helping employers design and implement many types of plans, from basic to  advanced plan designs.  Our team can also work with you to customize eligibility, contributions formulas, vesting schedules, distribution options, and other key plan features to ensure your plan meets your needs.

Platform and Investment Options

You can choose from a number of platform options including Hartford, John Hancock, MassMutual, American Funds, TransAmerica, and the JULY platform.  These options allow us great flexibility in matching you to the platform that best meets your need.  With the JULY platform, you have access to an open investment menu giving you and your advisor the ability to to create a custom-tailored fund lineup.

Customized Service Delivery

We can also customize our service delivery to meet your needs.  Our technology platform makes handling special requests easy.  From building custom plan reports to handling special communication requests, the JULY team will work with you to meet your needs. 

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