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The JULY team has the experience, expertise, and qualifications to manage your retirement plan from start-up to implementation, and throughout the day-to-day operation of the plan. CEO Started...
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Sales Support

The JULY Sales Team is dedicated to the success of advisors, and we provide hands-on expertise in helping you grow your business.  Our team has many years of experience helping with all aspects of the retirement plan sales process, and we work with advisors of all experience levels.JULY Sales Map

See our national sales map for information on the JULY regional consultant who supports investment professionals in your area.

Prospecting Support

Our Sales Consultants are experts at understanding how to identify prospects and help you create leads.  The JULY team can support you by teaching you to use online tools to search for qualified prospects in your area, helping you to host seminars and clients meetings, and assisting you with learning how to communicate with prospective clients that you may already have in your book of relationships.

Plan Design Support

Your JULY Sales Consultant can also assist you in preparing customized plan design studies showing side-by-side comparisons of different plan designs for prospective clients.  These plan design reports are often the key to winning new business by illustrating how a company can implement a better plan design or by showing a client how they can benefit from different types of plans.

Vendor Selection and Proposals

Our team works closely with and has expert knowledge of the top retirement platforms, and we can assist you in helping you select the platform that is right for your client.  We can coordinate making introductions to vendor partners, and we can assist with getting vendor proposals.  Our team will also provide you with fee quotes and proposals for services provided by JULY.

Client Meetings

For advisors that need support in face-to-face meetings, the JULY Sales Team can assist you in this way also.  We can be available for face-to-face meetings or assist with conference calls to go over plan design studies or proposals.

ERISA Research

The retirement plan sales process sometimes requires complex ERISA research.  If this is needed, your JULY Sales Consultant is backed up by a team of ERISA experts that has helped many advisors create solutions for prospective clients and win new business.

Fund Research

If you choose to utilize the JULY open investment platform, the JULY team can provide you access to a number of different investment research tools to help you build an investment lineup for your client.  Our internal sales team can support you with training and assistance in performing research.

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