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The role of JULY’s sales team is to serve advisors.  Our experienced Sales Consultants assist advisors as a retirement plan expert and can help advisors win business through:Generating...
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Dedicated Technical Support

Each of your clients receive a dedicated Client Service Manager (CSM) to provide day-to-day technical support.  Our CSMs are experts on each plan's unique retirement platform and have training and experience in working with all types of retirement plans. 

To ensure your client receives fast response to inquiries during times of peak demand, each CSM is backed up by other team members.  This ensures your client gets a live voice every time they call our office.  In the event their CSM is on another call, they have the option of getting assistance immediately or being transferred to the voice mail of their dedicated CSM. 

Benefits of Our Support Model

Our technical support model offers a number of benefits to your client over traditional support models offered by competing firms:

  • Fast Response Times - Quick response times matter. Our call wait times average less than ten seconds.  We reply to email inquiries within one business day, and we monitor team performance to ensure we provide speedy resolution to client questions.
  • Friendly, Familiar Support - Our model allows your client to build a relationship with their CSM.  This helps to ensure consistency and familiarity in service delivery since our CSM will know the unique needs of your client.
  • Scalability - Because we offer a dedicated support model with team backup, we are able to maintain quality through growth, promotion, and turnover in personnel.
  • Expertise - CSMs are backed up by dedicated Plan Consultants and a knowledgable ERISA Team in the event an issue requires specific expertise.

Example of Support Requests

CSMs help you and your client with a variety of needs that may arise, including:

  • Understanding and Interpreting Plan Provisions
  • Helping to Determine an Employee's Eligibility
  • Ordering Plan Enrollment Kits for New Hires
  • Coordinating Distribution Requests
  • Assisting with Depositing Plan Contributions
  • Coordinating the Filing of Tax Returns
  • Helping to Interpret Compliance Testing



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