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Dedicated Technical Support
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Employee Services

The JULY Platform includes the tools and services to enable your clients' employees to plan and reach their retirement goals.

Enrollment Services

Our enrollment services support and augment those provided by you and your team and include the following:

  • Enrollment Kits - We provide easy-to-read Enrollment Kits complete with educational information, planning tools, investment details, and enrollment forms.
  • Enrollment Presentations - Enrollment Kits are supported by Enrollment Presentations that you can use to enroll and educate employees.
  • Employee Notices - We prepare all required employee notices, including Blackout, QDIA, Fee Disclosure, and other required participant notices.

Education and Planning Tools

In addition to the educational and planning tools available in our Enrollment Kits, we provide the following additional tools to help employees stay on course:

  • Retirement Calculators - Our Retirement Calculators help employees stay on course by comparing existing balances to the targets needed to achieve retirement goals.  These calculators alert participants when they are off course and suggest correction action when needed.
  • Employee Newsletters - Our quarterly employee newsletter is posted on the Employee Website and provides information to help employees understand the principles of successful retirement saving.
  • Investment Research - The Employee Website includes detailed Fund Fact Sheets to help participants make informed decisions regarding their investment selections.

Participant Advice and Guidance

You and your client can choose to offer employees an online investment Guidance and Advice engine through Mastery POINT Financial Technologies.  This online tool is integrated into JULY's Record Keeping Platform and helps employees make informed decisions about their investment selection.  It also helps you fulfill your fiduciary duties.

Participant Support Team

The JULY Participant Support Team provides phone support to employees from 8:15 A.M. to 5:15 P.M. Central Time.  Our team can assist with the following:

  • Support for the Employee Website
  • Help Understanding Quarterly Statements
  • Assistance Taking Distributions and Loans
  • General Questions about Plan Eligibility and Features
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Happy New Year! To start the year off right, we would like to share insights on how you can help your business-owner clients minimize pains associated with top-heavy issues. Because top-heavy required employer contributions to 401(k) plans can create budget challenges and may be a thorn in the side of some business owners, this article discusses creative ways to alleviate related frustrations, satisfy existing clients and gain new relationships along the way.

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