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Advisor Compensation

With the JULY Retirement Platform, you can choose how you are compensated depending on your own unique licensing and approach to retirement plan service.

Fee-Based Compensation

If you are a Registered Investment Advisor or are authorized to receive fee-based compensation, JULY can deduct fees from plan assets and remit them based on the terms of your client service agreement.  Fees are typically deducted and remitted after the end of each calendar quarter.  Any trail commission payments (12b-1 fees) can be collected by the custodian and used to offset plan costs.

Commission-Based Compensation

Many Investment Professionals are authorized by their Broker-Dealers to receive trail compensation in the form of a 12b-1 fees.   If you choose to receive trail compensation you will be named Broker of Record on the mutual-fund accounts and each mutual fund will remit fee payments direct to your Broker-Dealer. 

Revenue Sharing Offsets

Mutual fund companies often make payments (called sub-transfer agency fees or shareholder servicing fees) to record keepers for providing various fund-related services.  These payments can be substantial and vary based on the agreement the fund company has with the record keeper.  The amounts are often influenced by the amount of assets each record keeper has with a particular mutual fund.  Because JULY believes this practice compromises our duty of independence, we fore go all revenue sharing payments and provide employers the option of how to treat these payments.  Employers can choose to credit these payments back to the participants or use them to offset record keeping invoices.  Similarly, when Investment Professionals elect to fore go the receipt of trail compensation (12b-1 payments), JULY provides this same choice of treatment.


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Update: Revised Ruling Allows Forfeiture Balances to be Used for Safe Harbor Contributions
February 14, 2017

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