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Scalable Infrastructure

When choosing a retirement plan service provider, it’s important to choose an organization that can maintain quality through growth and that can adapt to an ever-changing legislative environment.  JULY has worked diligently to build a scalable, stable infrastructure to ensure your company and participants are served well today and tomorrow.

At JULY, we make significant technology investments in order to service the growing volume of work of our clients and partners. Just as important is the investment we make in our people and processes. We know it takes both to create great outcomes for others.

Efficient Structure

The JULY Senior Leadership Team has worked to design and implement an efficient organizational structure to support a client-first strategy.   Our structure promotes employee development, open communication, teamwork, and efficient decision-making.  This results in better long-term service to our clients.

Strategic Planning Process

Our company is fueled by an efficient, ongoing strategic planning process to help us achieve our vision and fulfill our mission.  Our strategic plan is carried out with a shared set of core values to help us stay the course.  Our plan includes well-defined goals and objectives that are communicated and discussed regularly throughout our organization, and we continually monitor progress towards achieving our goals.

Audited Procedures

Our processes are efficient and audited and our company has undergone the following types of audits or reviews to ensure sound and quality processes:


SPP Rating


A report prepared by a Certified Public Accounting Firm in accordance with SSAE No. 16 to report on the suitability and effectiveness of our retirement recordkeeping processes
A quality management system review performed by a Fiduciary Assurance Company to assist in analyzing our recordkeeping processes against industry practices
An assessment performed by the Center for Fiduciary Excellent to evaluate our firm’s conformance to industry-accepted Standards for Recordkeeping and Third Party Administration Services

Secure Systems

We have a number of policies and procedures in place to ensure our systems are secure and your participant’s private information is protected.   Below is an overview of these procedures:

  • Written Security Policy – JULY has adopted a well-designed, written Security Policy that is maintained by the JULY Security Team and aimed at keeping our systems and physical offices secure.
  • Written Privacy Policy – We also have a written privacy policy aimed at protecting private information.
  • Audited - Our Security Policies are audited pursuant to the audits listed above to ensure they are suitable and effective.
  • Security Awareness Training - All employees undergo annual Security Awareness Training to remind them of their role in keeping systems secure.

Employee Development

JULY has an ongoing employee training program aimed at helping employees gain more knowledge of our industry and company-specific processes and to improve service delivery to clients. We also have a leadership development and management training program designed to help current and future leaders grow and develop.

Succession Planning

We have a documented succession plan aimed at lowering the risk of service problems associated with future employee turnover.  This plan identifies the plan to manage for the unexpected departure of all key personnel.

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Update: Revised Ruling Allows Forfeiture Balances to be Used for Safe Harbor Contributions
February 14, 2017

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