Fiduciary Solutions

Fiduciary laws governing retirement plans are complex, and complying with them requires a high level of expertise.  New Fee Disclosure rules have expanded fiduciary responsibilities and increased uncertainty.  JULY recognizes that many employers lack the expertise needed to fulfill their duties exposing them to risks and liability from regulatory agencies and in some cases, lawsuits.

Our Fully-Outsourced Fiduciary Solution

With the JULY Fiduciary Solution, you appoint Roland|Criss as the ERISA Section 3(16) Plan Administrator for your company's plan.  Roland|Criss accepts fiduciary responsibility and implements a proven process to help you fulfill your responsibilities.


The Benefits

The JULY Fiduciary Solution offered through Roland|Criss is designed to take the guesswork out of fulfilling your fiduciary requirements.  It helps you establish a proven, independent process for selecting and monitoring vendors and evaluating the reasonableness of fees.  Below are some of the benefits of our solution.


About Roland|Criss

Since 1994, Roland|Criss has been solving problems for organizations that are charged with the legal duty of managing other people's money.  Formed with the sole purpose of providing those organizations with strategies and methods that reduce risk and improve their practices, Roland|Criss is the oldest fiduciary management firm in the world that does not entangle fiduciary services consulting with investment services.

  • Founded in 1994
  • Privately Owned
  • Based in Arlington, Texas
  • Independent of Investment Providers
  • Global Experience
  • Fiduciary Training Services
  • Service Provider Ratings and Certifications
  • Fiduciary Assurance is Their Only Business


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