Feature-Rich Technology

The JULY Retirement Platform is powered by industry-leading software from SunGard Relius to bring you a stable, feature-rich solution for your plan.

Employer Website

The Employer Website provides you online access to manage all plan features, including providing you access to individual employee information.  Below is an overview of the features of the Employer Website.

  • Employee Contribution File Processing
  • Overview of Plan Balances
  • Access to Individual Employee Accounts
  • On-Demand Reporting
  • Detailed Quarterly Plan Reports
  • Online Distribution and Loan Processing
  • Online Enrollment Processing
  • Detailed Investment Information

Employee Website

The Employee Website gives employees 24-hour access to an online system to manage their retirement accounts.  Features of the Employee Website include:

  • Detailed Account Balance Information
  • Balances Updated Daily
  • Individual Rates of Return
  • Retirement Planning Calculators
  • Detailed Investment Research
  • Historical Transaction Look-up
  • Transaction Export Function
  • Compliant with Regulatory Requirements
  • Re-balance and Fund Transfer Feature
  • On-Demand Statements and Reporting

Mobile Website

The Employee Website also has a specialized Mobile Website that allows employees to view information about their account via their iPhone or other mobile devices.

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