Plan Administration


Our plan design services help employers with customizing their retirement plan to meet company and business owner goals. Let us put our years of experience to work creating your plan.


Basic Plan Types

We can assist with designing plans for a basic employee retirement benefit aimed at attracting and retaining talent and helping employees and business owners build a retirement nest egg. Learn more about each of these options by clicking below.

Advanced Plan Types

For companies seeking larger contributions and higher tax deductions, we can assist with creating an advanced plan design aimed at targeting owner or key employee contributions. These designs allow much larger contributions than other plan types.

Custom Plan Illustrations

We will assist you in making the right plan design decision by preparing custom plan illustrations using your employee census data. Seeing different scenarios helps you decide what features best meet your needs.






Traditional Profit Sharing

New Comparability

Owner 1





Owner 2





Owner Total




Employee 1





Employee 2





Employee 3





Employee 4





Employee 5





Employee Total




Grand Total




Fine-Tune Plan Features

Your JULY Plan Consultant will help fine-tune your plan to maximize retirement readiness and improve operational efficiency.

Improve Plan Participation

We can assist with improving plan participation and retirement readiness through maximizing features such as matching contributions, automatic enrollment, and consulting on plan loans and in-service distribution options.

Pass Compliance Testing

We have the expertise to help reduce or eliminate issues from compliance testing, including utilizing Safe Harbor Plan Designs, maximizing matching contribution formulas, and performing specialized testing options.

Lower Plan Costs

Our services will help you lower plan costs by maximizing distribution force-out provisions, vesting schedules and forfeitures, eligibility provisions, and annual contribution accrual requirements.

Maximize Tax Efficiency

By implementing Roth and pre-tax contribution options, we help improve flexibility and tax efficiency for all employees. Through leveraging advanced plan designs, we can maximize tax deductions and tax savings.