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JULY Leverages Lean Process Improvement   


Efficient use of company resources is a challenge facing every industry. At JULY, we are meeting this challenge head on by implementing a Lean process improvement system across our organization. Unlike some process improvement systems, Lean focuses on improving the entire process from beginning to end rather than only one segment with a square focus on the client experience.

Lean forces the organization to focus on adding value to the client relationship and eliminate processes and steps that do not. Over time, we believe our commitment to Lean will mean an acceleration of service enhancements, more robust software and tools, a better experience and outcomes for our clients, and an improved work environment for our employees.

The Lean project at JULY began by identifying a pilot group to learn the Lean methodology and evaluate one process using the Lean system. After learning the basics and experiencing the system on one of our processes, the pilot group developed the tools needed for employees to leverage Lean throughout our business.

We have now expanded the scope to include additional processes and team members. In 2015, we will be further expanding the Lean system to include all core processes. A sampling of processes currently involved in Lean process improvement includes Distribution and Loan processing, Participant Enrollment, Implementation, Plan Administration for SOLO plans, and Year-end Census Collection. We are excited to say that our efforts have allowed us to identify many areas of improvement and have given our team a system to realize these more quickly.

An essential part of Lean is obtaining client feedback. While we will be systematically working to collect feedback from clients as we work on specific processes, we welcome your feedback on areas where you believe we could improve. Please email or contact your Regional Sales Representative or Client Service Manager if you wish to alert us to a need or to an idea to help JULY better serve you.