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At JULY We are Thankful!   


We have a lot to be thankful for at JULY…family, friends, co-workers. We wish each of you a happy and blessed Thanksgiving! Read below for a sampling of what we are most thankful for:


Elizabeth Hogan, Client Service Manager  –  Thankful my EAGLES ARE winning!

Sue Willenbring, Retirement Plan Consultant – I am so thankful for my family – especially my husband, Cliff and my son, Derek!!  We have so much fun together! (see image below)

Kelli Pledger, Internal Sales Consultant – I’m thankful for my happy handsome healthy baby boy! (see images below)

Michelle Combs, Client Service Manager – I am thankful for working with such a great company that is responsive and values client and employee feedback regarding process improvements.

Laura Greenlun, ERISA and Plan Administration Manager – I’m thankful for stores that don’t start Christmas sales or decorating until after Thanksgiving is over.

Leslie Smith, Director of Marketing & Communications – I’m thankful for the laughter and smiles of my sweet family.


Jill Torborg, Recordkeeping Contact – I am thankful for my beautiful healthy family.  They bring so much joy to my life! (see image below)

Jessie Turner, Manager of Payroll Services – 1) I am thankful that I met Paul.  I found my husband at JULY!  I have been working at JULY since 2004 and Paul came to JULY in 2007.  We were married in 2013. 2) I am thankful to have an employer who cares about our family.  Paul and I haven’t missed a single science fair, school program, awards ceremony, or volleyball game of Ariana’s.  We are always there smiling in the stands or in the crowd, and she knows we’ll be there.  It’s thanks to JULY that we are able to balance work and home. (see images below)

Eric Reinhardt, Manager of Participant and SOLO Plan Services – I’m thankful for Jesus!

John Humphrey, COO – I am thankful for life, family and grandsons! (see image below)

Scott Smith, Midwest Regional Sales Director – I am thankful for my dog, Milo! (see image below)

Pam Cooper, Deconversions Manager – I am thankful for my family and especially for my precious granddaughters, Julianna and Olivia! (see images below)

Cassie Aragon, Southeast Regional Sales Director – I am thankful for the air I breathe, the relationships I have, my family and my JULY family, my dog Malakai (pictured) and most importantly, my relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Julie Gale, Client Service Manager – I am truly thankful to have the opportunity to work for JULY.  Not only does it afford me to keep a roof over my head and pay my bills, it also allows me to spoil these sweet kids. My six grandchildren are Meri, Carter, Mady, Kaylie, Kamryn and Kathryn. (see image below)

Jeremy Hykel, Director of New Business – I’m thankful for my family and the time I get to spend with them. (see image below)

Linda Olsen, Retirement Plan Consultant – I am thankful for my dog Aspen, who painstakingly keeps me company as I work. It’s not an easy task and she does need to take a nap once in a while. Especially during busy season. (see image below)

Beth Parkinson, Internal Sales Consultant – I am thankful for my fisherman hubby! (see image below)

Melissa Davis, Client Service Associate – I am thankful every day for these three kiddos! (see image below)

Judy McKamie, Client Service Associate – I’m thankful for Jesus and the Church, for family and friends, for freedom, love, good health, and abundance. I’m thankful for the little things and for the joy that each day brings.

Nicole Johnson, Client Service Manager – I am most thankful for my daughter, Juree. She is 19 and currently in her second year of college. She is smart, driven and has a beautiful heart. She has an amazing outlook on life that I admire and I wish I could be more like her. She is beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. She has far exceeded my expectations in life and I am truly blessed that God chose me to be her mom. She is going to do great things. (see image below)

Angela Nordstrom, Client Service Manager – I’m thankful I don’t have to drive on the crazy streets full of snow to get to work each day! I’m very thankful that JULY allows employees to work remotely. (see image below)