Technology Careers

Our technology employees work in an environment where automation truly improves our client service and company profitability.

Put Your Skills to Work in a Company Requiring Automation and Leading-Edge Technology.

JULY uses the most current technology to make our customer experience more efficient and to automate internal processes and procedures. Our core business services require the right blend of high-touch and hi-tech, and our technology staff helps us to achieve this balance.

Database Technology

We use various relational database technologies to organize and automate our work and service delivery. These technologies include Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and proprietary relational database platforms. Our database programmers assist with the development and maintenance of these systems.

Internet Technology

We use the newest internet technologies for efficient information delivery, including marketing, customer service, and other business critical information. Our web programming platform includes Microsoft .NET, C# and other programming languages.

Network and Hardware

Our network infrastructure provides the backbone for all of July's technology services delivery. It is a highly managed network based on client-server technologies that provide centralized management for increasingly decentralized voice and data services. It is based primarily on Microsoft and Mitel products.


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