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By partnering with JULY, TPAs gain access to a modern open architecture retirement platform, and can create a scalable, affordable staffing solution with our BPO Services. Having started out as a TPA in 1994, JULY is familiar with the needs and challenges of operating a TPA firm.

Collaborative, Supportive Partner
True Open Architecture
Modern, Mobile-Friendly Technology
Access to BPO Services
CEFEX Certified, SOC 1 Audited

Our Solutions for TPAs

Our solutions were built from the ground up to help TPA firms compete in today’s changing retirement landscape. Click below to learn more.

True Open Architecture

  • Access to 20,000 Investments
  • Transparent, Flat Fee Schedule
  • Advisor Friendly Solution
  • TPA Fee Payment Options
  • Modern, Mobile-Friendly Technology
  • Revenue Sharing Credits
  • Multiple Custodian Options

BPO Services for TPAs

  • Cost-Reduction via Overseas Wage Rates
  • ASPPA Trained with 9 Years Experience
  • Improve Scalability and Service
  • Experienced U.S. TPA Support Team
  • Compliance Testing and Year-End Reports
  • Distributions and Loans
  • IRS Form 5500 and Plan Documents