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JULY can help you deliver a better client experience. Learn about our plan administration outsourcing and recordkeeping-only services for TPA partners.

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JULY Recordkeeping-Only Services for TPA /Advisor Relationships

If you have a relationship with an advisor or your go-to-market business model bundles plan design and advisory services, JULY can be your independent recordkeeper. Our true open architecture platform offers industry-leading features and user experience to help you differentiate and win. Talk to us to learn more.

Modern, Mobile-Friendly Technology

Access to 20,000 Investments

Multiple Custodian Options

Transparent, Flat Fee Schedule

TPA Fee Payment Options

Revenue Sharing Credits

Plan Administration Outsourcing Services for TPA Partners

Reduce operating costs and improve results.

We created our plan administration outsourcing services to help TPA partners lower costs, improve service, and grow. This unit reflects our decades of industry and process knowledge and experience hiring, training and managing talent. We’re ready to support you.

A Proven Process to Support You

Our credentialed professionals become an extension of your team. Improve operating efficiency while reducing costs.

Expect Quality at Every Step

Our team is dedicated to quality in every work process we touch. It’s about helping you deliver excellence to clients.

Have the Confidence to Grow

You can add to your team as you grow. Confidently compete for more new business, because now you can handle it.

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Are you a Good Fit for Outsourcing?

Are internal admin processes too costly?

Routine plan administration can be expensive to produce. JULY’s TPA partner model is built around a highly efficient work process supported by our U.S. and overseas team. The result is a scalable model that reduces your operating costs and improves quality.

Is staffing a
business risk?

If you are close to capacity with the number of administrators you have or are uncertain about the stability of your workforce, it can be difficult to maintain good operations. JULY’s professional resources can help you reduce risk.

Would you like to grow your business?

When you partner with JULY, you’ll have a reliable team helping you complete plan administration work. With this level of support, you’ll finally have time to invest in marketing and meet with relationship partners to grow your business.

What You Can Expect

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Good to Know

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We log into your system.
Data never leaves your environment.

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We have experience with all major plan administration software systems.

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About our Plan Administration Outsourcing Team

To support software development and outsourcing relationships, JULY established Datapath, a wholly-owned subsidiary in 2006. Located in Dhaka, Bangladesh, the Datapath team has grown to more than 350 professionals, many with ASPPA credentials and years of JULY and industry tenure.

Today, JULY’s Outsourcing Services for TPAs coordinates leadership and team strength from our US and Dhaka offices.

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