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A modern solution for small businesses seeking a low-cost 401k is just the beginning

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Launch401k is a modern retirement plan solution

Launch401k is a good fit for those seeking a low-cost 401k benefit that is easy to set up and operate. Launch401k is a Pooled Employer Plan (PEP) that allows unrelated small businesses to band together under one plan, creating economies of scale for a robust yet cost effective retirement plan solution.

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We manage most of the day-to-day plan processes without distracting you or your team. This reduces your time by leveraging our 25+ years of industry experience to pro-actively do the work for you.

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Low Cost

Launch401k is more affordable than most 401k products. It leverages lower-cost investment structures, reduces administrative complexity, and utilizes technology to automate processes.

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We Do it For You

We become the legal plan administrator of your plan, so you don’t have to. Launch401k includes built-in, accountable plan fiduciaries that accept legal responsibility for managing the plan, reducing your risk and liability.

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Employee Friendly

Employees are automatically enrolled in the plan and provided easy-to-understand investment options. Our intuitive technology makes enrollment and account management easy.

The passing of the SECURE Act means good news for many Plan Sponsors starting a retirement plan or adopting automatic enrollment.

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Why Offer a 401K?

Your employees’ financial futures are at risk if they are not saving for retirement, and 401k plans are one of the most effective ways to help them save.

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Attract Top Talent

Statistics show that 401k plans have become the primary source of retirement savings for U.S. workers and help companies compete for top talent.

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Reduce Turnover

A 401k plan is a critical part of an employer’s overall benefits program and minimizes the chance that employees seek jobs with better benefits.

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Help Owners and Employees Save

401k plans allow owners and employees to elect pre-tax or Roth salary deferrals, and create a disciplined, tax-favored approach to savings.

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Reduce Income Taxes

401k plans reduce income taxes for employees and the company. Employer contributions are tax deductible and employees elect pre-tax or Roth tax treatment – each providing special tax benefits.

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  • We Do It For You

Unlike most providers, we take the lead and do most of the work for you. Our 3(16) fiduciary services include comprehensive plan management to reduce your workload and minimize complexity.

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Approve Distributions / Loans

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Sign Plan Amendments

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Sign Form 5500

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Prepare Year-End Census

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Manage Payroll Data

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Manage Eligibility / Enrollment

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  • Payroll Integration

Launch401k includes Payroll Pilot – integration between JULY and common payroll providers.

Alternatively, employers can provide us with a comprehensive payroll file each pay period.

Plan Investments

Selecting the investments offered is an important fiduciary role that requires employers to act as experts. To help with this responsibility, Launch401k includes professional services from Expand Financial, LLC (EXPAND). EXPAND is a JULY subsidiary that specializes in building and managing 401k investment lineups.

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Investment Menu Maintained by Experts

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Reduce Fiduciary Risk Using Best Practices

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Low-Cost Investments

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Professionally Managed Options

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Blend of Passive and Active Funds

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Choices to Simplify Investment Decision

Setup Form
Kick-Off Call
Configure Payroll
Deposit Contributions
JULY will assist with completing online setup forms and electronically signing agreements.
After completing the online setup form, a call will be held with JULY to coordinate remaining steps.
JULY prepares materials and coordinates online enrollment with your advisor.
JULY trains the employer on the plan website.
After participants make elections, JULY helps configure payroll to begin funding contributions.
JULY will coordinate the first payroll and ensure contributions are funded to the plan.
JULY will provide participant instructions for web access.