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Payroll Pilot

We’re making your retirement plan run even better.

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One of the most important ways JULY makes 401k plans run more easily is by integrating the payroll process. Our Payroll Pilot™ program integrates with many leading vendors across the country.

The service includes payroll monitoring to prevent late deposits (and the penalties that come with contributions not made timely) and a robust validation process that makes more than 20 essential checks to ensure correct processing of participant elections.

  • One Way or Roundtrip Automation

Integrations that automate data from the payroll provider to JULY are 180o. They provide essential information to make sure that retirement plan processes run smoothly and on time. Integrations with payroll companies that also handle updates to things like contributions and allocations are called 360o. JULY’s Payroll Pilot supports both 180o and 360o partners.

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  • Payroll Pilot 180

180o payroll integrations are one direction, sending employee plan contribution data to JULY. Payroll Pilot 180 services include managing contributions and deposits, enrolling newly eligible participants, and starting the distribution process for terminated participants. Employee contribution changes made on our site must be communicated manually back to the payroll system.

Payroll Pilot 180 partners include:

Additional 180 partners providers include: Americhex, Inc., APS Workforce Management, Capital Payroll Systems, CHS Payroll, Complete, Payroll Services, Complete Payroll Solutions, Emcentrix, Execupay, Integrated Compensation Systems, Journey Payroll & HR, PaydataUSA, Payroll Centric, Sentric, Inc., Simplifi Payroll & HR, The Payroll Factory, Unify Payroll, Workday, ADP East, ADP Midwest, ADP Roseland, BambooHR, Ceridian, ExponentHR, GNA Partners, Nevada Payroll, Paycom, Payentry, PayTime, Payroll in Harrisburg, PA, Trivantus, Southwestern Payroll Service

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  • Payroll Pilot 360

360o payroll integrations are bi-directional. In addition to the services included in Payroll Pilot 180, Payroll Pilot 360 sending employee election changes back to the payroll system. This service also includes preparing your year-end census file.

Payroll Pilot 360 partners include:

Additional 360 partners providers include: 360 Simplicity, AAP HCM, AccuPay, Ace Workforce, ADP Run, ADP TotalSource, ADP Workforce Now, Affiliated Payroll, Ahola, Alliance HCM, Allied Payroll, AmCheck Austin, Anchor Pays, APS Payroll, Asset HR, Assure Direct (200 licenses), Evolution and Mangrove, AutoPaychecks, Auxilium HCM, AVI Business Solutions/Platinum Group, Bene-Care, Cavu HCM, Clarity HR, Coastal, Combined Payroll, Commonwealth Payroll & HR, ConceptHR, Contempo Payroll, Core Financial Resources, Crescent Payroll Solutions, CyberPay, Dominion-Florida, Dominion-Nashville, Dominion-Richmond, ECCA Payroll, EmployDrive, Encompass Employee Management, ePay Business Solutions, Fiduciary Outsourcing, Green Payroll, Greenlink, GTM Payroll Services, Highflyer, HR Butler, HRCG (HR Consulting Group), Idilus Payroll, Infinium HR, Insperity, Integrated Payroll Services (IPS), Integrity Payroll Services, iSolved, July Payroll Services, Keystone Payroll, Kronos/UKG, Launch Payroll, Ledger Payroll, ManagedPay, MassPay, MercBank (Mercantile), Morgan White Group, NextHR Solutions, Optima, Paragon Payroll, Paychex Flex, Paycor, PayDay, PayFluence, Paylocity, PayLogics, PayMedia, PayOption, PayPros, Payroll Experts, Payroll People, Payroll Plus, Payroll Specialties, PayServ, PayUSA, PCS HCM, Premier Now, Press Gold Group, Proliant, QuickBooks Online (Includes QuickBooks Elite), RKL, LLP, SimPEO, Solex HCM, SourceOne, Straightline, Strategic Payroll Solutions, Summit One Source, The Payroll Company, The Payroll Network, Thread HCM, Thrive PEO, True Payroll Intergration (TPI), UltiPro/UKG, Unify Employee, Vision Payroll, Whirks, Wipfli Payroll Services, Zuma

What if my payroll vendor is not listed?

Talk to us. We’re actively adding new vendor relationships. If yours is not yet integrated, you can still work with us by providing a comprehensive payroll file each pay period.

Payroll integration may be provided by a direct connection with the payroll provider or via third party such as Payroll Integrations, Pay(k)onnect, Finch or Detamoov.