BPO Services


In addition to our open-architecture platform, we offer TPAs the ability to access our Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services aimed at improving efficiency and lowering costs. Contact your JULY Regional Sales Director for more information.

DataPath – JULY’s 100% Owned, Bangladesh Subsidiary
Built by JULY from the Ground Up
Reduce Costs, Improve Profitability
Up to 40% Cost Reduction
Improve Speed and Quality
More Staff = Faster Turnaround, Higher Quality
Become More Scalable
Bring on New Business More Easily
Enhance Client Satisfaction
Free Up U.S. Staff to Serve Clients

BPO Solution Overview

JULY created our BPO solution to lower costs and improve service and scalability. JULY leaders were personally involved in hiring and training employees on retirement plan processes, and we now have an experienced leadership group, a knowledgeable, experienced workforce, and a growing organization.

About DataPath, Ltd.

DataPath, Ltd. is a Bangladesh Corporation with expertise in providing U.S. retirement plan administration services.

  • 100% Owned by JULY
  • Started in 2006
  • Over 100 Trained Employees with MBA or Equivalent Degree
  • QKAs on Staff and ASPPA Training
  • Professional, Modern Offices

BPO Solution Features

Our BPO team is trained on all core retirement plan processes and we customize solutions for each TPA.

  • Hands-On Onboarding Process
  • Our Team Learns Your Processes
  • We Use Your Servers and Technology
  • Relius, ASC, Datair Experience
  • Testing, Year-End Reports, Distributions, Plan Documents

Information Security

We have implemented the measures below to help protect the security of your clients’ data and information.

  • Data Breach Insurance Policies
  • Data Remains on TPAs Servers
  • Annual Employee Security Training
  • Video Surveillance Monitoring
  • Office Access Controlled with Biometric Fingerprint Reader

BPO Team and Facilities

The photos below show select photos of our BPO Services Team and our facility in Dhaka.

Regular View

Modern Office Facility

Our facility in Dhaka is a modern office design with an open floor plan to promote teamwork, collaboration, and learning.

Regular View


All office areas are covered by central video surveillance and office access is controlled with a biometric fingerprint reader.

Regular View

QKA Celebration Lunch

Lunch with the newest members that attained QKA through American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries (ASPPA).