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Diana Perri

Senior Sales Director – Central Region

A few things you might not know about Diana…

What was the worst style choice you ever made?

We seem to want what we don’t have. When I was in high school, the permed look was the most desired hairstyle. I had my long straight hair which was easy to style and manage. I decided to have my first perm and did not take into consideration how long and how much hair I had so it looked crazy and in my friends’ opinion, it looked horrible. I could not wait for my hair to relax and get back into its natural state. I never permed my hair again.

Who was your childhood actor / actress crush?

“Elvis Presley was my childhood actor crush. I loved watching his movies in the living room of my parent’s house with my younger sister on weekends. We would imagine marrying someone that could sing and look like Elvis. My mother would laugh at us but she would sit with my sister and I sometimes when she wasn’t busy cleaning house and cooking for us. My brother would run around the house trying to imitate Elvis dance moves and his singing. My dad would sigh and would jokingly tell us that he was better looking than Elvis. Those were the good old days.”

Are you a traveler or a homebody?

“I am a little of both. I love to travel to new places and learn about their culture, try new foods and make new friends. But I enjoy most traveling to places where I have family and friends that I do not get to see very often so that I can spend time with them and revisit old sites we discovered together during my first visit.”

Are you a good dancer?

“I grew up surrounded by family that would look for an excuse to dance. There were many weddings and other types of celebrations that always included music, food, and a dance floor. All my relatives danced from the youngest to the oldest and that is where I learned to believe that dancing was normal for all ages. Yes, I love to dance, and I am partial to Country and Western/Salsa dancing. You will find me on the dance floor if there is music playing at a venue.”

What is the last TV show that you binge watched?

“I am not a huge TV watcher. Covid 19 has forced me to get acquainted with TV and has increased my appetite for it. I have found myself binge watching Netflix shows for the first time in my life. My curious mind does not allow me to take my time and watch an episode per week, per day, instead I have found myself watching 2-3 episodes daily as I was used to watching movies where I was able to walk away knowing the ending. The last Netflix show that I binge watched was The Queens Gambit. I’m glad it was short. I thoroughly enjoyed it.”