Our Philosophy


We are passionate about small businesses and creating retirement plans for owners and employees. To help us harness our passion, we have developed a clear mission, a vision for our future, and core values that guide us in our daily work.


Our Mission

Our mission “Building Retirement Security” is what we strive to do each day – to help advisors, employers, and employees build a secure retirement.

Our Vision

Our Vision is what we strive to become in the future – “Be an innovator of services for small business retirement plans that are customized, cost-effective, and simple to operate.”

Our Core Values

Fulfilling our company’s mission and achieving our vision requires a strong discipline and a set of shared core values. Below are the core values we follow to help us achieve our goals.


Results-Driven Performance

  • Innovative
  • Take Initiative
  • Achieve Excellence

Servant’s Heart

  • Put Other’s First
  • Deliver Wow Service
  • Act with Integrity

Collaborative Spirit

  • Build a Strong Team and Family Spirit
  • Actively Listen
  • Be Passionate and Determined