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Feature-Rich Technology


The JULY Retirement Platform is powered by industry-leading software from SunGard Relius to bring you a stable, feature-rich solution for your plan.

Advisor Website

You will have access to a website to allow you and your staff to retrieve information and perform investment-related functions. Below are features specific to investment advisors:

  • View a “Book of Business” Report Showing All Clients
  • Perform Model Re-balance Transactions
  • Perform On-Demand Reporting
  • Retrieve Quarterly Plan Review Reports
  • Obtain Plan and Participant Level Information
  • View and Print Fund Fact Sheets and Prospectuses
Employer Website

The Employer Website provides you online access to manage all plan features, including providing you access to individual employee information. Below is an overview of the features of the Employer Website.

  • Perform Contribution File Processing
  • View an Overview of Plan Balances
  • Access to Individual Employee Accounts
  • Create On-Demand Reports
  • Retrieve Detailed Quarterly Plan Reports
  • Perform Online Distribution and Loan Processing
  • Manage Online Enrollments
  • Retrieve Detailed Investment Information
Employee Website

The Employee Website gives employees 24-hour access to an online system to manage their retirement accounts. Features of the Employee Website include:

  • Retrieve Account Balance Details
  • See Balance Information that is Updated Daily
  • View Individual Rates of Return
  • Access Retirement Planning Calculators
  • Perform Detailed Investment Research
  • Look-up Historical Transactions
  • Export Historical Transaction Details
  • Re-balance and Transfer Among Funds
  • Create On-Demand Statements and Reports
Mobile Website

The Employee Website also has a specialized Mobile Website that allows employees to view information about their account via their iPhone or other mobile devices.