Fee Details for SOLO 401K, SOLO Cash Balance, and SOLO Combo Plans

This page provides details on fees for our owner only plans, including SOLO 401k, SOLO Cash Balance or Defined Benefit, and SOLO Combo plan designs, including one-time setup and ongoing fees. This information is not intended to replace the official Fee Disclosure clients will receive upon plan setup pursuant to IRC 408(b)(2) but provides more details on our fees. For more information, please contact your JULY sales team. 

  • One-Time Setup Fees

The following one-time setup fees will be charged upon engaging JULY. 

One-Time Setup Fee
SOLO 401k
SOLO Combo

The setup fee covers the cost of plan design consulting and plan document preparation. An additional one-time fee of $500 applies for the takeover of an existing SOLOK Cash Balance Plan. 

  • Monthly Flat Fees

The following monthly flat fees will be charged pursuant to the fee payment details discussed below. 

Monthly Flat Fee (1 owner)
Per Additional Spouse / Owner
SOLO 401k
SOLO Combo

Form 5500 — An additional fee of $150 for Form 5500 EZ and $300 for a full Form 5500 applies when a SOLO 401k plan requires this service (generally when assets in the plan exceed $250,000). 

Plan Documents$150 annual subscription for plan amendments and plan restatements.

  • Asset-Based Fees

The asset-based fees below (expressed annually) apply only when using JULY recordkeeping platform for trading and custody. This fee does not apply if assets are held in an outside brokerage account. If applicable, asset-based fees will be deducted automatically from participant accounts after the end of each quarter. 

Annual Recordkeeping Fee
SOLO 401k
SOLO Combo
  • Custodian Fees — JULY pays the custodian fees for the plan out of its fee.
  • Advisor Fees — Your Advisor will charge a separate fee for their services. 
  • Revenue Sharing — Any revenue sharing JULY receives will be credited back to the plan. 
  • Participant Paid Fees 

The following fees are paid by participants for specified transactions: 

  • Distributions and Loans 


  • Quarterly Loan Maintenance 


  • Wires, Stop Payment, Overnight Delivery 


  • Qualified Domestic Relation Order Adjudication 


  • Deconversion Fee 

A fee of $250 applies for termination of the plan or conversion to another provider. 

  • Other Options and Fees for Custom Only 

The following additional services and fees may apply:

    • Investment Models — JULY can create Investment Models on our recordkeeping platform. If you choose this option, an additional flat fee of $125 per quarter applies. 
    • Exchange Traded Funds — An additional fee of $0.01 to $0.02 per share traded applies to plans that wish to offer Exchange Traded Funds as investment options. These fees are deducted from participant accounts. 

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