JULY Announces New Payroll Integration Partnership: Intuit QuickBooks Online


Waco, Texas, October 7, 2021– July Business Services (JULY) has completed integration with QuickBooks Online payroll software. Last year, JULY was among a select group of technology-based 401(k) recordkeepers Intuit chose to develop API-based integration with their payroll solution. We are pleased to announce our integration is now complete and ready for new and existing clients to use.

“QuickBooks has been a great partner to work with from the project’s inception to its completion,” JULY VP Business/Process Analyst Matt Welstead, whose team leads the project, says. “Our team combines technological innovation and industry experience to develop sound, API-based payroll integrations, reducing the data burden on plan sponsors.”

QuickBook’s API-based interface allows for 360 integration. This allows JULY’s payroll integration solution, called Payroll Pilot, to talk directly to the payroll software, collecting and feeding data in real time. This process reduces the plan sponsor’s involvement with data files, enrollments and participant changes. Access to comprehensive census data also allows for a seamless annual compliance season. In addition to basic integration, JULY’s proprietary software runs data validation rules against each payroll file to proactively seek out and prevent data problems in real-time. This improves the accuracy of plan administration.

The JULY technology team collaborated with various payroll companies and third-party data integrators to enhance Payroll Pilot services for our mutual clients. This resulted in more than two dozen integrated partners and more than two dozen soon to be released.

“Payroll Pilot and integration is part of a larger technology-based initiative at JULY to reshape and simplify 401(k)s for small employers and plan participants. Last year we released proprietary software that streamlines participant enrollment. This year we will release several more software modules, including systems to manage Notice Delivery for clients, and a fully digital plan setup experience for advisors and plan sponsors. Our 25 years of industry experience combined with a deep, in-house software development expertise allows us to create value-added solutions for our clients,” JULY CEO John Humphrey says.


About JULY:

JULY is a 401(k) services company specializing in hi-touch, tech-enabled retirement plan services. Our employees have served as plan experts to advisory firms and employers in the small and micro 401(k) plan market for over 25 years. Over the last decade, JULY has built a host of proprietary technology solutions to streamline, automate and simplify all facets of retirement planning to make processes rewarding and easy for our clients. For more information about JULY, visit our website.



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