The JULY Platform


JULY offers a true, open architecture retirement platform, including a conflict-free approach to plan investments, a transparent, flat fee schedule, a robust technology platform, and a hands-on service model. For employers seeking a modern retirement platform made to meet the requirements of today’s new fiduciary environment, the JULY Platform may be for you.

True Open Architecture
Built for Today’s Fiduciary Environment
Transparent, Flat Fee Schedule
No Wrap Fees. Recordkeeping Costs Remain Level as Assets Grow.
CEFEX Certified, SOC 1 Audited
Committed to Excellence
Access to 20,000 Investments
No Proprietary Investments. Choose Lowest Cost Share Class.
Revenue Sharing Credits
Reduce Fees. Improve Retirement Outcomes.

Modern Technology Interface

Our recordkeeping technology includes an intuitive, friendly user interface for participants, employers, and advisors, and all websites are built using mobile-friendly, responsive technology so users can access their accounts on-the-go. Features like online enrollment and online distributions and loans streamline processing.


Flexible, Customized Support Model

We offer a flexible, friendly support model to meet the unique needs of advisors, employers, and participants. Choose from multiple custodian options, select an outside TPA or use our bundled TPA solution, and select the best fiduciary option that meets your needs.


Participant Communication

We provide easy-to-read materials to help communicate plan details to participants, including Enrollment Kits, participant statements, and quarterly newsletters