Prospecting Lists

Sales and Plan Analysis Tool

Our prospecting lists enable you to find qualified leads that are similar to your best customers and to identify potential new market opportunities.

  • Search Criteria

You provide plan asset / participant size and geographic location of your search area. We then search the public Form 5500 database based on search criteria.

  • Report Output

We provide you the search output that includes detailed information, including:

  • Recent Plan Statistics
  • Plan Contact Information
  • Company Industry Information
  • Important Plan Benefit Code
  • Plan Score
  • Red Flags
  • Current Plan Provider Details (if available)
  • Plan Statistics

Total plan assets, participant counts, average participant balance, total contributions, average contributions, and rate of return estimates over multiple years.

  • Plan Contact Information

Company location and phone number as well as the names, titles, and email addresses of decision-makers.

  • Company Industry Information

Further narrow your search to specific industries provided in the report output.

  • Plan Score

The database assigns a score out of 100 that summarizes a plan’s value as a prospect. Lower scores may represent plans that could use more assistance.

  • Red Flags

The database assigns “red flags” across about 20 areas to Indicate possible problems in a plan’s design. These can help you customize your sales pitch as you connect with these potential new clients.

  • Plan Benefit Codes

Learn more about the plan be reviewing the plan features noted in the Form 5500 filing to determine:

  • Is the plan using a cross-tested, new comparability formula?
  • Does the plan have a profit sharing provision? A match provision?
  • Are the investments participant-directed or trustee-directed?
  • Does the plan have individual brokerage accounts?
  • s the plan using a prototype document?
  • Does the plan cover self-employed individuals?
  • Is the plan sponsor part of a controlled group?
  • July Business Services

We have more than 25 years of experience designing, installing, and operating qualified retirement plan. We provide you tools and information you need to make your retirement practice a success. Services include:

  • Plan Prospecting
  • Plan Design & Document Services?
  • Employee Communications
  • Open Architecture Recordkeeping
  • Plan Compliance Testing
  • Distribution & Loan Processing
  • Integrated Payroll Processing

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